Todds Pharmacy started as a single store, located in Elizabeth City, NC on South Poindexter Street in 1956. The original owner was James T. Todd who was not a pharmacist but an entrepreneur. Mr. Todd sold the business to Benjamin “Ray” Bonney in August of 1975. Ray Bonney was the sole proprietor until April 1982 when Todds Pharmacy, Inc. decided to purchase Jacocks Pharmacy, which was located across the street. The two stores merged and Todds Pharmacy moved into the Jacocks location which is now the home of Todds Pharmacy at 207 South Poindexter Street. At the time of the merger Ray Bonney took on pharmacist William Owens as his new partner. In recent years, pharmacist Dawn Munden , an Elizabeth City native, has served as pharmacy manager and partner in the Poindexter Street location.


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In October of 1991 Todds opened it’s second location at 1141 North Road Street in Elizabeth City. The new store was named Todds Northside Professional Pharmacy, Inc. In 1994 Joel Twiford, who had interned as a student, was offered ownership at the Todds Northside location and became the new store manager. Since then Tucker Brown has joined as an partner and assumed the pharmacy and store manager position.

In the summer of 2001 Todds expanded again by adding a location in Moyock, NC in the building adjoining Dr. Paul Old. That store is called Todds Pharmacy of Currituck and is managed by pharmacist Susan Tatum.

In 2003 Todds Pharmacy opened its fourth location in Gatesville, NC and that store is called Todds of Gates County, Inc.. With that addition, Todds brought in two new partners for that store which included Billy Lane and Brad Hurdle. Brad Hurdle is currently the store manager of that location.

In 2017 the fifth location was added in Camden County, NC and that store is called Todds Pharmacy of Camden, Inc.  Lindsey Lynam is the pharmacy manager and is relieved by Billy Lane, both residents of Camden County.

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Mutual Drug Logo

So today the Todds Pharmacy Family consists of five retail pharmacies. Todds Pharmacy offers a wide array of products and services in its many locations. Some, but not all of those offered are: Home Medical Equipment, compounding, over-the-counter medications, health and beauty aids, gifts, cards, and prescriptions services. As in its origination, pharmacy remains our main focus representing over 90% of our overall business. While we attempt to provide “everything that you would expect in a pharmacy”, prescription medication services remain our core business. Over the years we have developed a stellar reputation as a company that treats it’s patients the way we would want to be treated ourselves. It has been our goal to provide the highest quality of healthcare possible at an affordable price for everyone.

Todds Pharmacy is also a proud member of Mutal Drug.